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Breaking: New Triviality Hosts?

April 1, 2022

Don't be alarmed, there are no new hosts of Triviality! It's April Fool's Day and in honor of the festivities, we are excited to take part in Operation Switcheroo 2022, organized by our friend Moxie La Bouche at Your Brain On Facts. Operation Switcheroo is an opportunity for podcasts to swap episodes to expose their listeners to new shows!

This year we sent one of our episodes to Trivia With Budds and today you're hearing one from our friends at Brain Ladle Trivia! We hope you enjoy their episode and content. Make sure to follow them on social media @ladlebrain and find out more at:

We will be back during our regularly scheduled release day on Tuesday with a brand new episode, but for now, enjoy Brain Ladle Trivia

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