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Bloodsport S2: E7: Twenty Questions

November 22, 2019

Well folks, it all comes down to this. The Final Showdown. Our final two competitors, Kate Hagerman and Amy Paull go head-to-head in "Twenty Questions" our final round. Each player is given 10 points to start, and they can wager any and all their points on each question when given a category. Either someone hits zero, or we go all the way to the 20th question and the player with the most points wins. Like last year, biter!! Tune in to see one of the most epic conclusions of Bloodsport yet!

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Aaron Hall
Amy Paull
Austin Keep
Gary Middleton
Jodie Steele
Kate Hagerman
Keyana Kutney
Markkus Ellis

Special Guest Host/Creator - Ryan Kloefkorn Meyers

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"Welcome To Bloodsport!" performed by actor James Hong (Seinfeld, Wayne's World 2, Big Trouble in Little China, Bloodsport 2, Bloodsport 3 and many more!)

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